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The Shop is a Toronto-based jazz quintet consisting of Bureh Bollo-Kamara on guitar, Connor
Moe on saxophones & flutes, Omar Gittens on the drums, Racha Moukalled on the
vibraphone, and Carlo Santo Domingo on the bass. The ensemble plays original compositions
that borrow elements from modern gospel, pop punk, and several subgenres of African music
and combine them with the quintet’s mutual foundation in jazz.
The Shop released its debut EP, Forward Motion, in March 2022. The ensemble continues to
perform at venues throughout Toronto. They also recently recorded an LP, Far From Comfort,
which they plan to release in 2024.


Bureh Bollo-Kamara – guitar, Carlo Santo Domingo – bass, Omar Gittens – drums, Racha Moukalled – vibraphone, Connor Moe – Saxophone

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