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The Dinners

1. Charcuterie Board:

Daily Selection of 2 cheese, 2 cured meat, cashews, mustard &
served with antipasto and house-made crustini $10.99

2. Cheese Plate:
Daily Selection of 2 cheese, cashews, mustard &
served with house-made crustini $6.99

3. Banh Mi sandwich, meat, Short Rib:
Vietamese bun, marinated short rib, soy sauce, brown sugar,
garlic, scallions, veg oil and crushed peppers $3.98

4. Banh Mi sandwhich, veggie, Curry Tofu:
Vietamese bun, curry marinated tofu, mayo, daikon, carrot,
cucumber, scallions, slaw, cilantro, saly and pepper $3.98

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies:
three house-made chocolate ship cookies $1.99

6. Antipasto:
selection of pickled veggies and olives $1.99

Please check out the Beverage and Alcohol page for drink options

The Details

Delivery has been suspended for now but we still plan on supporting artists and shows going forward

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Upcoming Shows

Friday 10 July 2020 8pm
Jazz In Toronto Presents:
Melissa Lauren and Nathan Hiltz
Facebook Live Online @JazzInToronto

Saturday 11 July 2020 8pm
Jazz In Toronto Presents:
Patrick Smith
Facebook Live Online @JazzInToronto

Future Shows


Friday 17 July 8pm
Dinner and Jazz
Facebook Live Online @JazzInToronto

Satruday 18 July 8pm
Presented by Jazz In Toronto
Facebook Live Online @JazzInToronto

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