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The Food

Emmet Menu
All sandwich served with
choice of Fries/Salad/soup
Burgers (100%Beef or Beyond Beef)
Come on Potato bun with Lettuce


Emmet Burger,
slice tomato, pickle, red onion, Dijon, mayo 17$

Django Burger,
American Cheese, Russian dressing, Onion, pickle 19$

Ragtime Burger,
chili Meat/Veg Chili and American cheese 20$

Big Band Banquet Burger,
slice tomato, pickle, onion, mayo, Dijon, bacon, Provolone, pea meal 22$

Miles Melt,
on Rye, American Cheese, Carmelized onions 18$

Fried Chicken Potato Bun with Lettuce and mayo
-The Coltrane w/slaw 17$
-Hot Club de France w/ Tonawanda and jalapenos 18$

Ray’s Reuben
on pumpernickel, Russian dressing, Sauerkraut, provolone, Corn beef 15$

Peterson’s Pastrami
Trout on pumpernickel Horseradish Cream-cheese, Slaw 15$

Peameal Potato bun,
Tomato , Lettuce, fried egg, mayo 13$

Sausage of the week,
Martins Hoagie bun,
-Sauerkraut and Caramelized Onion, Dijon 15$
-Chilli and Cheese Sausage 18$

Grill Cheese,
Pumpernickel, American Cheese, Provolone 10$

Wings 1lb/2lb or Crispy Cauliflower all served with Ranch 14$/22$
Char Sui, Honey Garlic,
Tonawanda (very Hot),
Dry Pastrami, Franks(medium),
Throat Puncher(medium), Jerk(hot)

Calabrese Salami, Smokey Speck, Prosciutto, Aged Asiago, Smoked Mozzarella, Hot Olives, Bread sticks 20$

Cheese Board
Aged Asiago, Smoked Mozzarella, Provolone, Pastrami Cured Trout, Hot Olives, Bread Sticks 20$

Fries Side 4$
Basket Fries 6$
Poutine 10$
Jerk Poutine 12$
Chili fries (m/v) 11$
Supreme veg/meat 15$

Bowl of chili veg or meat served with wonton chips 7.5$

Soup Vegan Tomato served with dry toasted pumpernickel 5$

Big Salad,
Mixed Greens,Slawed Vegggies, Ginger Vinagrette 10$
Add Fried Chicken or Cured Trout 7$

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