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Lina Allemano’s TITANIUM RIOT is a pseudo-psychedelic improvising powerhouse with a unique electric-acoustic aesthetic and a mandate of strong group interaction and sonic exploration. Their unusual sound and instrumentation – purely acoustic trumpet (with homemade mutes and extended techniques often mistaken for electronic effects), analog synth, electric bass, and drums – has defied categorization since the band’s inception in 2013. Each band member is a world-class creative and highly expressive, characteristic improviser. As a band, they create intriguing episodic soundscapes and electrically-charged improvisational adventures that unfold with an enigmatic yet seamless clarity and elegance.

TITANIUM RIOT released its highly-acclaimed debut album KISS THE BRAIN in 2014 and has since been touring extensively in Europe, USA and Canada. In 2017, they released their second album SQUISH IT! to rave reviews internationally. Both albums available on LUMO RECORDS.

“Imaginative… surreal… oddly compelling” – Stuart Broomer, Wholenote Magazine


Lina Allemano (Trumpet), Ryan Driver (Analogue Synth) Nick Fraser (Drums), Rob Clutton (Fender Bass)

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