Tun 1401: Batch 8 and Tun 1509: Batch 1 are two amazing expressions from Master Blender David Stewart for The Balvenie. The 1401 was an experiment of nine batches in all. Batch 8 is one of the best, containing nine American Oak and three European Sherry casks that span over three decades. The result is a burst of sherry, leveled out with some toffee and vanilla while carrying hints of cinnamon and orange peel. You’ll want to take your time enjoying this special whisky. The 1401 series was such a hit that the Master Blender decided to do it again and we are lucky enough to get Batch 1 of Tun 1509. This dram is comprised of an immense 42 casks – 35 American Oak and seven Sherry. If that has not blown you off your seat, wait for the nose: honey, fruit, vanilla – and that’s just the beginning. After the first sip, you get spicy notes; pepper, clove and cinnamon – plus all the initial fruit and sweetness – before it settles perfectly, rolling off the palate for a pleasant finish of oak.